What We Do

We provide professional client-focused contracting, renovation and design solutions. Our commitment to offering outstanding job completion, exceptional customer service and superior safety performance makes us a partner of choice in the field:

• Paint specialists
• Concrete innovators
• Artist rendering
• Suppliers diversity
• Cost estimating
• Feasibility studies
• Property management
• As built and shop drawings
• Maintenance (we undertake any kind of maintenance operations: plumbing, painting, flooring repair, electrical repairs, heating and air conditioning system).


From high-end retail contracting to intricate unconventional spaces, our services are delivered by experienced teams using advanced techniques to help you meet your goals. We combine an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the contracting process with a unique sensitivity to the programming and function of your facility, all while minimizing the effects of construction to keep your operations on track.


As property values continue to grow, more homeowners are choosing to renew their own homes rather than sell and relocate. This often entails a total remodeling of the home, which includes adding an extension or rebuilding some parts. Renovation is no easy task as it demands professionalism, careful management and coordination with the homeowner. However, our skilled and responsible builders always live up to the challenge to meet all the expectations.

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By using our own mixer of materials, we provide several unique and innovative products and decorative finishing:

• Renovating old Lebanese houses by upgrading the traditional method, in order to promote sustainable ecofriendly houses and preserve our heritage

• Concrete cement textures for walls, floor, ceiling, item modeling, cladding, tiling, etc.

• Creating new paint textures.