About us

Founded in Beirut in 2006, Intex is proudly one of the most reliable contracting service providers. The company’s roots run deep to 1977, when Mr. Raji Chamoun began with paint contracting and successfully gain his reputation in the Lebanese market. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of activity, ranging from building construction, renovations, paint specialist and design. By building new facilities and renewing existing ones, we remain committed to creating spaces that improve the quality of life.

Employing our longstanding experience, technical expertise and local knowledge, we aim to transform and enhance the way projects are designed, managed and built.

In every project, our team targets three anchor points: scope, budget and time, thus delivering services with highest standards of safety, quality and aesthetics.

Attention to Craft & Details

Our team consists of passionate and certified employees who possess extensive knowledge in our field, with the aim of developing strong, lasting relationships with both our architects and clients, we place a great deal of emphasis on quality and make sure everyone working with us makes the same commitment.

Promptness and Accountability

Our team experts integrate the best practices we’ve honed over the last century into the technologies defining our industry today. If you can imagine it, we can deliver it.

Function and Beauty

Our design philosophy is based on balance. From the outset of any project, we build teams that bring together design, management and technical professionals to create beautiful smart spaces.

Let's Work Together

Give us a call, and we will give you many reasons why you’ve chosen the right team for your project.